Saturday, 14 January 2012

Purple on Purple Flowers

I just finished a purple quadruple threat of flowers with silvery detailing, while drinking Bailey's and half watching The Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire. All get thumbs up as far as I’m concerned but especially the Bailey's and the zombies. Love me some Bailey's with zombies.

It was my first time using Essie’s bangle jangle which functioned as the base and I was impressed.  I did 2 coats but one probably would have sufficed. It went on smooth and opaque. I’m very fond of the soft mauve colour. Then I painted on half flowers using a mini brush with the other three purple shades. This worked quite well but of the three I think I like the subtle contrast of the Essie marino cool best on the bangle jangle. I then used OPI’s Happy Anniversary, a silvery white colour, to accent, and finished off with one coat of OPI Top Coat for durability and shine. I’ll post pictures tomorrow when I can photog in natural light. 

Oh, and turns out my nail was breaking where I got the chip in the Essie’s turquoise & c­aico’s so perhaps the polish wasn’t exactly to blame. I sadly clipped the offending nail before doing the floral mani.

Base: Essie’s bangle jangle­
Flowers: OPI’s I Brake For Manicures, OPI’s  Pamplona Purple,  Essie’s marino cool
Detail: Happy Anniversary!

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