Sunday, 15 January 2012

Cherries and Bows

Well, Essie, you have let me down again… and I had such high hopes for our future. The Essie base coat I used for my Purple on Purple Floral mani last night began to peel in several places by tonight. I suspect it is just not getting along well with my OPI Nail Envy base, which I am reluctant to forgo but may do so next time I use Essie to see if that affects its staying power. Well that just means I got up to more mani fun tonight. I was going to do something basic but next time perhaps… there are a few of you out there reading and I do want to keep you amused so… tonight was cherries and bows and one lovely shiny red finger. I got the idea for the cherries from Shona over at Mental for Polish, (link at the bottom right), but I believe she got the idea elsewhere and I don’t know where that is. Cherries are pretty basic though. I used to have a fabulous cherry bikini which would have looked amazing with these nails, but I haven’t a clue where that’s gotten to and that’s probably for the best. I digress. 

I used OPI Alpine Snow for the base, OPI Sephora Mr.Right-Now for the cherries and bows, and China Glaze Holly-Day for the stems. I did two coats of the OPI Alpine Snow. I then used a dotting tool, (the back of one of my mini brushes actually), and dotted on OPI Sephora Mr.Right-Now for the cherries and the middle of the bows. I painted the finger I wanted red (also with Mr.Right-Now). Then I used a mini brush to paint on the bows. I then used another mini brush in China Glaze's Holly-Day for the cherry stems. Finishing touches included rhinestones in the middle of the bows and an OPI Top Coat.

Sleep well kittens. Remember love is in the details and nothing that makes you happy is foolish, (but forgoing things that make you happy or suffering fools is very foolish indeed).

Xoxo Emmie

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