Monday, 23 January 2012

Deborah Lippmann's Across The Universe and New Additions

I had a good weekend in the city and slept in Sunday morning on my little brother’s surprisingly comfortable futon. We then had a delicious brunch and I headed off polish shopping. It was quite the haul too. There were half off sales on some OPI and China Glaze at Lawtons and Deborah Lippmann at Mills. I picked up a couple other Deborah Lippmann’s I’ve been lusting after and then nipped around the corner for a splurge at American Apparel… what fun!

I drove home to look through my new goodies, watch my new favorite scary tv show, American Horror Story, and to try out Lippmann’s Across The Universe. I was planning to do up Lady Marmalade, but after putting on hand creme I couldn’t for the life of me get the top off! So I did three coats of Across The Universe, which went on smoothly, dried quickly and is as pretty as can be. In the future I may start with a blue or green solid colour so I needn’t use so much pricey polish. It took three coats to achieve opacity and I was conscious the whole time that this is the priciest polish I own. It’s one of the prettiest also though. It's a sheer blue base, with small blue sparkles and larger blue and green sparkles.

New additions:

Deborah Lippmann:
Icing On The Cake
Pump Up The Jam
Marquee Moon
I Know What Boys Like
Brown Eyed Girl
Dream A Little Dream
Across The Universe
Ruby Red Slippers
Lady Marmalade

Divine Swine
Gone Gonzo
Silver Shatter

American Apparel:
Meteor Shower
Mount Royal
Neon Yellow
Smoke Dazzle
Neon Green
Neon Violet
China Glaze:
Blue Year’s Eve
Glittering Garland

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